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New Episode Eats Organic

(NSFW!) Recorded live at Brewvies. Gay marriage. Happy B-day Stan Lee! 47 Ronin. Die Hard. SHEILD. Arrow. Rogue cut from XMen. American Horror Story:Coven. Chicago PD. Mob City. Almost Human. Sin City TV show? Gotham. Xbox tv shows. LOTS more. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. […]

New Episode is Xmas Episode

(NSFW!) Rudd is Ant Man! JGL’s Sandman! Jackman is Hook? Better Call Saul. Gods of Egypt? Batman: Choose your Adventure! Batmobile for Xmas. Lego Marvel! Ghost Rider In A Car! Thor 2. Drac & Wolfman TV. Legion TV show. Preacher TV show is, sadly, happening. Q’s for the panel. We thank you all! Lots more. […]