New Episode: Skatted out.

(NSFW!) Baby, its rapey inside. Veegus. Swoll. Sober people ruin xmas. Sont hack Spidey. Most viewed trailers. Walking Dead prequel. Yoda on Rebels. Jimmy Reviews Hobbit, Night at Museum, Into the Woods, Imitation Game, Big Eyes. Fat makes you smart. Xmas stories. Age of Voltron. Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option […]

New Episode: Leroy Calrissian

(NSFW!) All Star Wars names are stupid, get over it. The Sony hack. Stay till the end! Jimmy interviews Martin Freeman, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace & Orlando Bloom on location in London! Ascension. SHEILD. Gotham. Goodbye, Constantine, probably. Flash is the anti-Nolan. Krypton. Titans. Reviews: Top Five & Exodus. Marvel Unlimited. Ghostbusters. Lots more. Listen […]

New Episode: Rappist

(NSFW!) Ornch. Vegans are magic. My brother Russell, who I slept with, allegedly. Stay till end, Jimmy interviews Andy Sirkis, Richard Armitage & Luke Evans in London! Terminator trailer. WW writer. Dr Strange & Deadpool & Jessica Jones & Antman’s estranged wife casting. Preacher pilot. Cobalt. Orchi out. We think Apes should win all the […]

New Episode… is Spartacus!

(NSFW!) Live from The Hobbit premiere Jimmy Martin! Star Wars showed us sumthin! R2FiFa? Casting news. DCTV bad/good news. Age of Ultron adds more Loki? Review: Horrible Bosses 2. Underoos. Legion of Doom. Lego Justice League. Scream the TV series. Universal Monsters not scary. Best Apes movie? Sipmsons love. Lots more! Download it NOW! Its […]

New Episode: …allegedly.

(NSFW!) Dr. Leezus. Book of Mormon. Jurrasic World. Fatt Pratt. Cowboy Ninja Viking. Almost StarLord. The Stand, yes. 4 Parts, no. Pooh’s dubious sexuality. Interstellar sound and comic. Batman. Marvel Netflix. Draxaphone?! Jimmy reviews: Hunger Games. Horrible Bosses 2. Theory of Everything. Penguins of Madagascar. Jimmy interviews Jason Sedakis, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jennifer […]