We WANT you to watch

http://club.50westslc.com/event/geekshow-podcast-live/ Watch us do it. Onstage. LIVE. For FREE. This recording party is Friday NIGHT (1/30/15). 9pm in downtown Salt Lake City at 50west club. We’re gonna do 2 shows. Good news: its in a night club so adult bevs and some food will be available to buy. Weird news: Because of Utah’s stupid liquor […]

New Episode: I think I judge you.

(NSFW!) Pegg writes Trek. Flash team up. Another Blob. Marvel & DC reset explained? Supergirl is brunette. America’s sweethearts bet on footsball. Best Star Wars news EVER. Jimmy reviews great Sundance movies and then theres Mordecai. Our FanX agendas. Evil Dead TV. Panel answers YOUR questions. Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best […]

New Episode: B*tches Love Groot

(NSFW!) Lemme tell you what we’re NOT gonna do! LeShay Wolfrayne from The Mount. Suicide Squad less Hardy. Don’t do it, Zachary Levi! Batman vs Robin. Lando on Rebels. Pete’s Dragon. Where and when we will be at FanX. GotG soundtrack. We get really ‘Marvel’ for a bit, but bring the DC later..be patient. Jimmy […]

New Episode: House of Kale

(NSFW!) Loki, Batman and J Jonah Jameson on an island with a giant monkey and kaijus. Sundance. Beware Black Mirror. Ant-Man trailer is big! Netflix Marvel schedules. Scarlett Ghost in the Shell. Marvel killing Deadpool. Dr. Reefer. Batman. Jeremy Irons. Rogue cut. Toy Run! My Groot. Jimmy reviews: Taken 3,Inherent Vice & Paddington. Lots more. […]

New Episode: Daddy’s Yearly Secretion

(NSFW!) There’s too many shows! January TV. Scrambled porn. The nudity in Working Girl was excessive?! Leezus explains the creation of the universe. PeeWee’s Playhouse. Mad Max: Fury Road. Review: Woman in Black 2. Games we play. Lots more. Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. Seriously. […]