Latest Episode up! Back to the Basement!

Back in my basement.  Latest news and rumours.  Surprisingly clean Princess Leia sheets. Shannon declares his Palin lust (Sarah, not Michael), and the Worlds Dirtiest Mormon. We are, after all, professionals.

Latest Episode,scifi cons part 2

So…..yeah.  The latest episode is now available for your prefered digital computer downloading audio listening device.  In it, the future of Sci Fi and Comic Cons are debated.  I still think that maybe they should, for the most part, be eliminated. Give a listen, fast and pray about it, and then go to the forums and debate […]

The Rocksauce Is Geektastic!

I have been on a quest since returning to this Great Land of Zion, Brothers and Sisters. A quest that any geek worth his or her replica Tricorder would be proud to undertake, yet few have undertaken. I wanted my TeeVee to squirt Rocksauce. It’s already pretty cool. Back in my Big Money Radio days, […]


Geek Show – September 7, 2008

On this week’s Geek Show . . . 9.07.08 Show Recap We are live at Neumont University with a very special female guest host — Theresa (aka Phatal Pheromone) from the Salt Lake City Derby Girls! Listen, talk, review (can we hint enough?)! Having a girl on the show seems to effect some of our […]