WATCH the ThanksGeeking episode right now. Alot of you have told me you wanted to see some of my collection of toys and geek junk, and theres alotta stuff shown on this episode. Some really old stuff that may not be the most valuable in my collection, but some of my favs. And yes, that […]

New Episode NOW. Many things to know and learn.

This is our “ThanksGeeking” show, where we praise some of the things that started us down this path.  WARNING:  Some stories will make you tear up.  VaKlempt(sp?).  …anyway.  Download now before the freshness dating runs out. Our New Merch is the best looking around.  Our ‘Ramones’ logo (conceived by Shannon and created by Derek Hunter) and our […]

NEW PODCAST/TV/MERCH. We produce, you consume.

. Latest Episode is NOW.  Less TV news, more Movies and such. More beverages consumed.  Hic.  Hopefully by the time you read this 2 GSPC designs will be available in hoodie and girls shirt form asa well as T. The Comcast On Demand stuff is doing very well, thank you!!  Channel One/Utah on Demand/Geek Show. […]

Its NEW! Its just for YOU! Geek Show is delicious!

. Our panel is whole again, Derek and Scott return.  Much TV is discussed in this ep.  Kade brings the homebrew and Shannon consumes it.  Download it now, or watch it on the TV Lookie Box! Comcast on demand/Channel One/Utah on Demand/Geek Show.   Get all up in it, why don’t ya!?