Fambly Home Everning

Yeah, I know how to rock the Monday night scene, babies. Family. Home. Evening. A Utah tradition that sprung up about the same time the Doctrines and Covenants forbade the act of Solo Carnal Distractions. Without so much time OFF of their hands, the average Utahn realized that they needed to spend time with the […]

New Episode, NOW. Chili, booze and dead birds.

After drinking, eating adobo chili and shooting guns off the balcony…THIS HAPPENED. All the latest thats NEWS to us.  Some sharing.  Some taking.  Some belching.  Enjoy. See the post below for important Geek SHow Movie Nite information.  xoxox Kerry

Evil Dead 2 & A.O.D FREE Geekshow screening

Things are hoppin at the GSP.  Lotsa stuff coming, some stuff I gotta keep quiet for now, but keep watching the forums and downloading the show…we’ll keep you informed.  Stuff I can tease you with NOW is…GSP merch is coming, stickers..tshirts…etc.  Dont ask, we’ll tell…I said soon, didn’t I?!  And, Zack is working on the […]

Latest Episode: It knows what scares you.

  Tales from the basement of childhood fear.  Halloween. Scary movies that werent really scary but scared you anyway. The Horrah!  Da HORRAH!!!  Download now.

Latest Episode up! Back to the Basement!

Back in my basement.  Latest news and rumours.  Surprisingly clean Princess Leia sheets. Shannon declares his Palin lust (Sarah, not Michael), and the Worlds Dirtiest Mormon. We are, after all, professionals.