NEW EP! Hear it NOW!

Bound to be the most controversial episode of Geek Show EVER!  Even more than the “don’t hate on the Star Wars prequels” ep!!  RIAA, Science vs God,Violence in Video Games, and  the horror that is parenting.  And that’s just the first half!!  The second half is more lighthearted….so don’t give a big sigh and mumble.  […]

New TV Eps (Jan 4th) NOW up.

. COMCAST ON DEMAND/CHANNEL ONE/UTAH ON DEMAND/GEEK SHOW. A feast for the eyes.  Amazing action, thrills and suspense.  Go there…NOW!


,. Hey!  Its that time of year! Sundance!  Your invited to see some Sundance films without all that “I’m from Hollywood, I’m talkin on my bluetooth, dressed all in black and havent bathed in days because I’m an artist maaan.” bullsh!t.  I know its early, but set aside some time with your assistant to join us […]

New(est) TV EPS up now! LOOKIELOOKIE!

Its’s end of the year, bests and worst blow out sale.  See it now, all in living color (available on color TV’s only).  Easily the most fast paced, action packed, edge of your seat show on local cable.  Explosions!  Karate!  Posters falling on panelists!  My gawd…is amazing. Comcast On Demand/Channel One/Utah On Demand/Geek Show. […]

1/5/09 The Geek Show is NOT on vacation. NEW EP!

, Its New, made with love, just for you.  This time its the latest TV news including starting dates for the new fall shows.  Battlestar Galactica, Scott has seen the first new ep of the season!  Also, kissing Mr Sulu. More TV eps on Comcast now.  CHannel One/Utah on Demand/Geek Show. Our FREE double feature […]