New Flamin' Toe Comic!

What the hell is a Flamin’ Toe? Well, it’s a comic strip that I throw together about every 7 years. Orcs, beer, and Geekery! This installment tackles something newly near and dear to my heart: Click the comic to get full size!

The family keeps growing.

, Just noticed that our Forum has grown to over 400 members.  All …like minded, opinionated, foul mouthed geeks..trying to convince each other that their favorite thing sucks.  I thank you all, and remind newbies that the forum is free.  Just like the rest of Geek Show.  SPread the word, join the fam.

New Sound (podcast) Newish Vision (tv) NOW!

, Our second episode recorded live at Nicklemania.  Its all new.  Lotsa comic books and lotsa games discussed and reviewed.  Dowload it now.  New tv eps now on Comcast, CH-1/Utah on Demand/Geek Show. Thanks to all who came to movie nite!  Next time is Feb 23.  Robocop & Starship Troopers. FREE. Watch this space for […]

FREE MOVIES, JOIN US. Get out of the basement.

, Hey!  Its that time of year! Sundance!  Your invited to see some Sundance films without all that “I’m from Hollywood, I’m talkin on my bluetooth, dressed all in black and havent bathed in days because I’m an artist maaan.” bullsh!t.  I know its early, but set aside some time with your assistant to join the Geek […]

GTFO, George

,…BUT… Aw, hell.  the most political I ever wanna get is BSG.  Our new ep is chock’fulla BSG goodness.  Download it now, its FREE.