When your NONGEEK pals ask about WATCHMEN

All anybody want to talk to me about is WATCHMEN.  I guess when you host something called Geek Show, that’ll happen.  The question I keep getting is..”Is it worth it?” Well…as we have learned in the past…MY tastes DO NOT usually reflect the public at large, so keeping that in mind I will try to […]

The unfortunate Watchmen incident.

, Again, apologies to Sean Means (film critic, SL Tribune).  To quote 1980’s super group Asia…it was the heat of the moment…telling me to yell at Sean Means.   The audio review was recorded moments after the ‘mens room’ incident following the Watchmen screening last mite.  I felt Sean was being overly sensitive to a shocking […]

New Ep is GO. Let Love Rule.

Things in the basement seem to be back to normal.  No fights, but some insults.  Latest movie and TV news.  DVD love.  Green Lantern hate.  Shannon gets pissed. We help a kid with his anime’ homework. The Jonestowne Massacre is presented.  Nacho’s Revenge. Download it now, its FREE.  See us on Comcast/CH1/Utah on Demand.

WALL E was robbed.

. Oh, it probably would not have won, but it shoulda been nominated for Best Picture.

The new ep is now..and weird.

, I wont lie.  I dont remember much from this episode.  As you may or may not know, we record 2 eps back to back.  This one was #2.  In ep #1(last week) Derek and marcus were goin back and forth quite a bit, and nearly came to blows. they love/hate each other that way.  […]