FREE MOVIES, JOIN US. Get out of the basement.

, Hey!  Its that time of year! Sundance!  Your invited to see some Sundance films without all that “I’m from Hollywood, I’m talkin on my bluetooth, dressed all in black and havent bathed in days because I’m an artist maaan.” bullsh!t.  I know its early, but set aside some time with your assistant to join the Geek […]

GTFO, George

,…BUT… Aw, hell.  the most political I ever wanna get is BSG.  Our new ep is chock’fulla BSG goodness.  Download it now, its FREE.

NEW EP NOW! 'Live' on 'tape' from Nicklemania

,. We mourn Kahn and Steve Jobs.  Give you the latest news. Slam Sundance. Are blown away by BSG, and Pierce reports from Hollywood about all yer new geek TV.   Download it now.  Dont forget our FREE double feature movie nite.  It Came From Sundance with CLERKS and SUPER TRROOPERS.  Brewvies Cinema Pub in SLC.  […]


. Just heard that the Jan 11th and December movie nite footage is up on Comcast. Channel One/Utah on Demand/Geek Show.   Enjoy!  Its ALMOST as good as that season premiere of Battlestar Galactica.  Or not.  But is IS better than Heroes.

If your coming to Sundance…..

. …WATCH YOUR ASS.  Park City’s ‘finest’ are OUT.  Ready to catch any Hollywood scum who happen to be riling up their Resort Community.  they also want to give speeding tickets to morning radio hosts who are admittedly running late and speeding. Besides…you dont want to come here.  Pretentious wannabes are everywhere.  I hate most […]