NEW Geek Show ep saves an industry! America thrilled!

, NEW EP! NEW DRAMA!!  The panel solves the problems facing the comic book industry in less than 60 minutes!!  Also, many games are covered and geek news and spoilers revealed!  It FREE. Download it now. New-ish TV on Comcast/Utah on Deamnd/Channel 1/Geek SHow.   More new stuff coming including the best t-shirt ever!  Available within […]

February Geekshow Movie Night! Free! Sexy! Drunk!

Join the Geekshow Podcast for a free double feature at Brewvies! Sunday, February 22nd at 5:00pm. Featuring Starship Troopers and Robocop, and the first ever Home-made Robot Costume Dance Contest with our frineds from Big Shiny Robot!!21 or over, PLEASE!


(Detroit, MI)  —  If you get engaged at the Detroit Science Center on Valentine’s Day, you might be able to get married on the U.S.S. Enterprise.  Any couple attending “Star Trek The Exhibition” in the Motor City and getting engaged in the exhibit on February 14th will be entered into an on-line contest.  One couple […]

Sequential Art

, I just discovered a fancy term to use when referring to comic books.  The olde term ‘graphic novel’ is played out.  If you really want to sound smug and superior you now call you favorite comics. SEQUENTIAL ART.  Be sure to say it in you best ‘Comic Book Guy’ voice.   Also, I am not […]

Geek Show Fresh Every Monday

, OY!  Back in the basement and buzzed on ‘beverages’.  This episode does not dissapoint.  Movie and TV news fresh from the rumour mill and some certified sources.  Info on our next free movie nite and begging for t-shirt sales.  Dowload it NOW. Its FREE.  If you suscribe on itunes, then it comes to you automatically.  […]