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Support Your Local Jeff

Jeff is writing for MSN now. His first article is up now. Lets send the internet love his way. the more hits, the better. Its a funny bit about the stupidest alien deaths evar, and yes…Boba is there. read it here and tell 2 buddies.

New episode has NO Stan Lee cameo!

News: (SFW!) Live Radio edition! Spiderman Begins cast Ben & May. She had a nice ass! No Betty White love. No General Zod! Shannon calls from school! I can smell those kids from here. Magic the Gathering question averted! Thor panic soothed! Kerry owns stock in Avengers on Disney XD. Episode: (NSFW!) Tron Nite continues. […]

Panic at the Geek Show. NEW EPISODE!

First we calm the fanboys down about this ‘Disney buying/ruining Marvel’ bizness. The Blob. Terminator and Trek DVD news.Machete. Thanksgiving. Kick Ass. EXCALIBUR! David Cross.  Michael Myers themed haunted house.  GSPC plays Disc Golf for cahrity and so can you. Then: GEEK FIGHT!! Defending Comic-Con. And all out brawl pitting Kerry and Zack against…EVERYBODY.  The […]

Comic-CONNED? Comic Con 09 Episode + Interviews + Photos

Recorded Live in my hotel room GSPC’s look at San Diego Comic-Con with special guest Ryan Ottley.  Observation and CON-stapation. Star Wars and Kick Ass news from Swankmotron.  Meeting your favorite writers and actors is easy.  How long should you stand in line for an autograph from drunken one eye Col. Tigh? Let us decide […]