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Sad News Regarding the Clean Show… Well, Sad for Some.

Hello, my lovely Geek Show Podcast peoples. It is I, Leigh George Kade, gracing you once again from my lofty mountaintop home in South-Central Kadestan. I    come bearing news; Bad for some, indifferent for most. For the past four months I have had the pleasure of editing together a “clean” edit of the GSPC. This […]

April Fool's Joke? Or Really Awesome News?

Oh, the pains of April Fool’s day. If any news is published on this day, what level of credibility do we grant it? According to Geek Show Podcast favorite and reigning toy giant Hasbro has aquired the licensing rights to the entire Star Trek universe. If this is true, kudoes to CTR for this MAJOR […]

New Star Trek Online Sneak-Peak!

Elise at Atari asked the GSPC to share some great stuff coming up for Star Trek Online… Hop into the Illuminati section of the forums for a sneak peak trailer and details on some of the hardest missions ever!

LGK Reviews Bioshock 2 Soundtrack!

The new Bioshock game is getting rave reviews all accross the blogosphere. But what does a fan of the franchise do when they get sick from playing First Person Shooters? Find out in the NEW Illiminati section of the forums! Don’t know what the Illuminati is? Come on in and check it out!