Archive | November, 2012

New Episode: R2 Vindaloo

(NSFW!) More Hobbit trouble. Walking Dead gets Tyreese. Star Wars 8 & 9 news. Your cancelled TV shows. Jews stopped The Red Skull. Kick Ass 2. Ironman 3. Lock & Key: the movie trilogy? The Rock is Hercules? Bone Tomahawk! Conan sequel. MIB 3. Lawless. Wii U. Far Cry 3. more. Download it NOW! Its […]

Free Movie Double Feature!

TONITE! (11/25) Join us or a post Thanksgiving Feast! MOTEL HELL (1980, one of Kerry’s favorites) AND the Chuck Heston classic SOYLENT GREEN. 5pm. Brewvies SLC. Movies are FREE so tip yer servers well.

New Episode: Butter Nut Squatch Latte

(NSFW!) Star Wars. Brad Bird sez no. If not him, who/what? Iron Man 3. Trek 2 big news. Xmen leather free. Thanksgiving. Horror culture. Haunts. Gore-a-torium. SHEILD series. Once upon a time vs Grimm. Cooties! The Hobbit in 48fps. Disney Star Wars ideas? Universal Island of Adventure. Amped? Expendables 2. Family Guy game. Resident Evil […]

New Episode is a gourd.

Do you want an Olde Han Solo? Panel vs Kerry on this. Star Wars 7 has a writer. Brad Bird NOT directing but we think we know who is. BSG: Blood & Chrome. Mockingbird Lane. Kerry vs Scott. iron Man 3 spoilage. Transformers 4 has a leading man. Dr Who news. Who meets Trek vs […]

New Episode: John Luc Dicard

(NSFW!)The panel looks at Disney’s Star Wars takeover. We cover facts and fiction. Electro in Spidey 2. Lego Batman: the movie. Liquid Television returns? Hugo vs Michael B. Trekkie Dating. David Vincent joins us. American Horror Story lawsuit is stupid. Jay & Nate from Wii U. Amazing Spider-man. They Live. Planes, Trains & Automobiles. […]