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New Episode: No back fat for you!

(NSFW!)Reviews: Cloud Atlas & Wreck It Ralph. Iron Man 3 & Thor 2 spoilage. X-Men now X Director and cameo news. Joss’ first new SHIELD Agent. Mad Max sequel ‘trouble’. Second Breakfast is real? Cap 2 villain? JP science can’t happen. GOP vs WOW?! GB3 happnin? Apes sequel. TDKR vs Avengers. Game of Thrones. Anime […]

New Episode gets Banzai’ed

(NSFW!) Quick Iron Man 3 announcement. Battle of the Planets Live action movie?! American Horror Story:Asylum reviews. 666 Park Ave. Revolution. (green) Arrow does not suck! DC Nation? Walking Dead is awesome. Ant Man movie! Michah Solusad gets annoyed. Peanuts & Family Circus movies. Superman movie toy gave spoilers. Abe Lincoln: Vamp Hunter. Medal of […]

New Episode! GSPC.LOL.RPG: The Game!

(NSFW!)Who will win this battle to the death? A cop from the 80’s? A human cockroach? Bill Murray? The Internet? A big fat magician? Or a man dressed as Eeyore? ALSO: Coulson lives. Mary Jane in Amazing-Spidey 2? Mockingbird Lane. Thor 2 plot. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) That download button up there ^ […]

New Episode has forbidden hot drinks.

(NSFW!) Meet Joss’ TV SHIELD Agents. Cap’s girls. Godzilla. True Blood gets Rutger. Apes sequel gets director. Revolution. Marvel animation. Music lesson. Catholic film critic. Billy Connelly hates you if you read The Hobbit. We hate hardcore fans. Prof X…he dead. Your letters for us. Prometheus. E.T. Dial M in 3D?! Spy Hunter. Of Orcs […]