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New Episode: 50 Shades of Grumper.

New Episode: 50 Shades of Grumper. (NSFW!) Dredd Review! US/UK cuts of Avengers are different. Apes sequel loses director. Another Lego Star Wars special. Walking Dead original webisodes. Del Toro explains 3D Pacific Rim is actually a good thing. Who the hel is Black Zero? The panel passes out Your Homework! We plan the ultimate […]

New Episode just wanted ice cream!

New Episode just wanted ice cream! (NSFW!) New Robocop costume surfaces. Thoughts? World War Z is fine! Honest! New Godzilla. Pacific Rim is in 3D whether Guillermo wants it or not. Fillion in Guardians? Marvel’s master plan. Return of The Internet! Your letters. Porn Ice Cream. Stan Lee hated Daredevil. When creators let go, their […]

New Episode popped out of its shark!

(NSFW!)Star Trek 46th ann. We raise a glass. Hottest Trek chick. Shatner is coming to YOUR town! And he’s making a Xena doc. Avengers/Marvel box set gone. G4 gone! Robot Cop shows. Not necessarily the Wonder Woman tv show. Huntsman. Goats. More. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) That download button up there ^ […]