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New Episode Monday 9/3

New Episode has been burned before. (NSFW!) SHIELD TV series! Michael Keaton vs Robocop! Justice League movie. Trek 2. God of War movie. Hunger Games. Weddings on Trek? Mortal enemies! Kerry killed Conway Twitty. Office spin off. The Farm. Your questions for the panel. Books to movies. Post apocalypse. Needed remakes. Thank you Geek Show! […]

New Episode has a powerful belt!

(NSFW!) TV stuff: 305 ft. weeping angel? Dr. Who. B&B. Episodes. Partners. Copper. Doozers. 666 Park Ave. Sleepy Hollow. Do No Harm. Beware The Batman. It gets heavy. Anger Management. Winning. Star Wars 3D.Radiers in Imax. Robocop remake loses House. Thor 2 casting. Travolta in Toxic Avenger reboot? Evil Dead. Dark Tower. Arrow. Rocketeer reboot. […]

New Episode likes girls!

(NSFW!) Hunger Games powns Harry Potter. Joss Whedon IS the Marvel Universe. Guardians. Iron Man 3. Daredevil. The Wolverine. Days of Future Past. Big Hollywood members. Assassins Creed movie. Capt. Jack is in (green) Arrow. Venture Bros. toys. Open them and breathe in the lead paint! Gentle Giant Collectibles RULE! Bernie. The Dictator. War Games. […]

New episode meets the internet!

(NSFW!) FF reboot in trouble. Man of Steel. Area 51. Thor 2 underground? Bill & Ted 3. Mulder x Scully. Omar is in Robocop! 48fps Hobbits. Kick Ass 2. Alf movie. German luggage co. is suing Marvel. There is a monster in my intestine. Questions for the panel: Streaming services. Geek fashion/culture? Worst villain? Best […]