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New Episode Rises1

(NSFW!) The Dark Knight Rises. We talk spoilery, you have been warned. Trek Night at the Dodgers? New Munsters defended. Stand up faves. Carlin love. Hobbit News-3 movies? TV show premiere dates. Walking Dead talk. Gay Empire. more. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) That download button up there ^ will give you many options […]

FREE MOVIES! Stallone ruins the future!

See GSPC recording 3 episodes live starting at 1pm in the lounge, then at 5pm JUDGE DREDD & DEMOLITION MAN. Free movies, just be cool and buy something at the bar and tip yer servers is all we ask. BREWVIES,SLC! 7/29. Do it!

New Episode says: Shut Up, America!

Extra large episode!(NSFW!) Our take on Aurora. The imaginary NRA finds the god particle. 4-D is coming, don’t fight it. Your letters for the panel. Marvel police are after YOU! Be in Walking Dead. More World War Z probs. Deadpool game. Untold Tales of Comic-Con. Crime! Blackmail! Midgets! Frankenweenie. OZ. Wreck It Ralph. Expendables 2. […]

New Episode gives some Comic Con.

(NSFW!) Comic Con headlines, and notes. Trek 2 & TDKR spoiled by NOT the internet. Pacific Rim. Hobbit. Man of Steel will make you cry. D’jango Unchained. New Godzilla movie?! Marvel movie line up confirmed. Firefly reunion. Plutarch Heavensbee is? Depp returns to Scissorhands! Alien classic toys. Gaiman returns to Sandman. Sailor Moon is back! […]

New Episode is Brando bound!

7/9/12 New Episode is Brando bound! (NSFW!) Amazing Spider-man sequels. Who will NOT be in Star Trek 2. See TDKR in IMAX! That’s an order! Simpson’s short better than all on new Ice Age. You got the cancer Jimmy, Make A Wish. Ron Perlman rules. Leno drools. Lois CK is a pioneer. Ironman 3. Item […]