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New Episode is Super Gay!

(NSFW!) Basement: Marvel vs DC, who’ll gay it up faster and better?! Star Wars 35th anniversary. We speak humbly on the event that changed the world and us all. Iron Man 3 & Thor 2 casting news. Lots more. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) That download button up there ^ will give you many […]

New Episode sez: “Hey Bob!”

(NSFW!)First 15 minutes are “Webby”ready! Battleship reviews. Sin City 2. Apes sequel. Iron Man 3 casting. Hollywood loves Hulk. Orson Scott C***. Walking Dead at Comic-Con. Buffy vs Black Widow. Fan porn? Cruel Intentions will get you laid. Rape Bonus! Axe Cop on TV! SNL is doomed. British Walking Dead. Fido. Is Rob Leifeld psychotic? […]

New Episode is Holocousted!

(NSFW!) Tony gets a marriage counseling session from the panel. “You like uncomfortable xmas’s?” Punk Rock Moses. Broken News: (NSFW!): Avenger$. Avengers 2! RDJ sez: F@ck DC Comics! Wolverine movie. Kick Ass 2. Hunger sequel. Avatar 2,3&4?! JJ vs the apocalypse. American Horror Story. Your TV shows are cancelled. RIP Donald “Duck” Dunn. Novogeek. More […]

New Episode is ASSEMBLED!

.(NSFW!) We’ve all seen The Avengers. If you ain’t, skip ahead. Spoiler city. You have been warned. Thor 2. Iron Man 3. Cap 2. Gay Batman had a gayby?! Black & white Fury. One for MCA. Kickstart Frisch! Underworld. Tim & Eric. Bobcat Goldthwait. Gremlins 2. Devil May Cry. Star Hawk. Street Fighter:Cross Dressen?! Walking […]


Go to for a location near you AND all the info. Join US at Dr Voltz Satuday as we record 3 episodes of this fine show direct from the cramped back room. By Crom, it’ll be glorious. We’ll start around noon and end around 5.