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New Episode begs: “Not in the eye!”

Our Avengers reviews spoiler free! Basement: (NSFW!)Di Di Mau!! May the odds be in your favor. If it has toilets, it don’t count. Chewhammed gave me the hebrewgeebees. Thundercats vs Thundercats. ‘Splosions+Boobs+Aliens+Monster+Robots=best movie? Triplets? Troll Foot. Chuck Norris vs paul Stanley? Broken News: (NSFW!) Our spoiler free Avengers review. Reason to live? Iron Man 3. […]


. Before you go see what’s possibly the best Marvel Comics movie to date (The Avengers), come see two of the worst with us for free on Sunday! (4/29 at 5pm. Brewvies. SLC.) Geek Show Podcast and Brewvies Cinema Pub present (with the assistance of Uinta Brewing Captain America (1990) Fantastic Four (1994) The movies […]


Something wicker this way comes. Basement: (NSFW!) What don’t you get? Matrix? XFiles? Like Walking Dead? What comics should you read, then? Game of Thrones Peabody awards. Whom will Joss kill in Avengers? Broken News: (NSFW!) Hunger Games 2 director is..? Lobo fans rage against the movie. Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3? Sin City […]

A little homework for you… follw the link. Read this and use it when ‘they’ try to make you feel stupid for liking superheroes.

New Episode’s tattoo is now irrelevant!

Get it here temporarily. Basement: (NSFW!) Neeson is in TDKR. Pixar’s Brave. Avengers: no more trailers plz. Prometheus. Superman’s S? Kleenex babies. Gay Superman? Broken news: (NSFW!) Cabin in the Woods review. Wanna direct Hunger games 2? Iron Man 3. Disney/Marvel movie? Cap 2. Man of Steel. Game of Thrones season 3. Ender’s Game. American […]