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New Episode sez: trek fans are wrong.

COMING APRIL 3rd! Basement: (NSFW!) R rated Galaxy Quest?! Best trek captain is wrong. Tales over oatmeal. Get’n introspective..with Valentine! First boner. first wet dream. Comic chix. We get trekked again. WarHorse. We bought a Zoo. Being Elmo. Regular Show. Torchwood: Miracle Day. Star Wars: Kinect. Download it NOW! Its FREE!(NSFW!) That download button […]

New Ep stars Andrew Dice Pierce!

Basement: (NSFW!) DC vs Marvel. Avengers vs X-Men. Now you can have a Michael Caine action figure! Journey 3? BOOOOOKS!! Y’know, the ones without pictures. Broken News: (NSFW!) Hunger Games $. TMNT: It’s not the first time they been done wrong/badly. Kerry stages an intervention for TMNT fans. Mass Effect3 nerd rage wins. Your wallet […]

Free Movie Double Feature

.. Remember When They Were Funny? Tonite (3/25) 5pm. Brewvies SLC. The Jerk & Dumb and Dumber. Just show up. Movies free, beers and food aint. Tip yer servers.

New Episode:Curse of the Were-Lucas!

Basement: (NSFW!) Rain Man the video game! You can BE Stan Lee in the new Spidey game. Franken-weenie looks cool! Dark Shadows plot revealed! Lone Rangers Tonto put a bird on it! Broken News: (NSFW!) Walking Dead. Prometh. Avengers world premiere. World War Z. Teeneage Mutant (ninja?) Turtles. Mass Effect 3. Nerd rage!! Basement: (NSFW!) […]