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New Episode is Scott’s least favorite.

Basement: (NSFW!) Comic Book Men. Red 2. I am Legend 2. Omega man. Post apocalyptic: who did it better? Walking Dead chat. Why do we love the end of the world? Broken News: Walking dead casts the Governor! Your new Robocop is…! Lorax review. MIB3 spoiler? Hunger Games already beats Twilight. IMAX Bond. Night Stalker […]

New episode is Not lenny Kravitz.

Basement: (NSFW!) The Facebook episode. We answer your posts. Ghost Rider review. Nic thinks he’s magic! We cast Daredevil. American Horror Story 2. The River. Scott wants Revenge. Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Hunger Games. Jon Carter has problems. Justice League: Doom. Philosophical questions for The Legion of Dumb. Who is Gayser Sozei? Geek: Born this […]

New Episode is a pokeybumwank!

Basement: (NSFW!) Back to the Future the musical? Avengers cologne. Wanna smell like Hulk? Here there be monsters. Stretch Armstrong movie. Whats inside? Should I eat it? Broken News:(NSFW!) Star Wars 3-D. You’re an assh*le, George. This is not the Han you were looking for. Ghost Rider lawsuit. Walking Dead lawsuit. Wolverine movie release date. […]

Now, More Than Ever!

.With Phantom Menace raping us again, now in 3D. George is also trying to convince us the Greedo ALWAYS shot first. (see interview in the Hollywood Reporter) Show the world how you feel with this subtle message. Just click on the merchandise link above. Super fast and super cheap. Suck it, George.

New Episode is Scott’s favorite.

Basement: (NSFW!)Watchmen prequels? Avengers Twits. Thor 2 casting news. Beef Milk! X-Men second class? January Jones- there is no ‘there’ there. Clooney is obsessed with Magneto’s club. JJ Abrams Revolution. That show sounds like other shows. Awake. Touch. New Girl? Raising Hope is in the My Name is Earl universe. Green Arrow cast. Powers on […]