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New Episode is super/yelly/drunktime!

.Basement: (NSFW!)Trek vs Wars: measured by weight, are there more good Star wars movies or Star Trek Movies? Kids named after vampires. Blandine! Girls names for boys. Himmler BinLaden? Broken News: (NSFW!) Liam Neeson spills Ra’s a beans. Walking Dead possible spoilers. This week in NO. Sorry Elfquest movie. Marvel movies of the future? Crow […]

Free Movie Double Feature!

Sunday Nite (1/29) Dawn of the Dead (2004) & Zombieland. Brewvies SLC. 5pm. Just show up and walk in. Movies are free. Food and bevs aint. Tip yer servers like the movies are free. Remember, GSPC Movie Nite is not a quiet nite at the movies. Youve seen ’em dozens of times so there will […]

New Episode wants an Irish Batman!

Basement: Email from Germany. Psycho: the TV Series? Herr Comic Book Guy recommends. What do you get out of video games? Nothing! Marvel vs The New 52 cancellations and replacements. Broken News: Roady in Ironman 3! Heimdall in Thor 2! Star Trek 2 is filming now! Another Riddick. Jessica Lange in second season of American […]

New Episode brings the butter!

New Episode brings the butter! (NSFW!) Iron Man 3. Avengers movie. Cap IS Josh Baskin. Look, RDJ…lighten up. Your not #1 enough! Game of Thrones will be back in… Whats in the water? Sean Bean love. Is Turtle in it? Star Wars TV series news. Utinni in the family. The Tuskersons! Double Werewolf. Shadows of […]

New Episode loves its merkin!

Basement: (NSFW!) American Horror Story. Jon Borrowman is a superhero. Our Aquaman movie script is coming together. Netflix is dead?! Wolverine pirate goes to jail. Broken News: (NSFW!) My beautiful plaid prince. RDJ is Gepetto?! Benedict Cumberbatch. Seth Rogen’s Apocalypse. Live action Akira movie paused. SNL vs Adult Swim? Devil Inside is awful and #1. […]