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Basement: (NSFW) Trailers! Bane says what? It’s an Alien movie, c’mon! Baseball vs Pixar. Hobbit trailer. Message board haters, forget GSPC exists please. A Lego Logolas?! Walking Dead rules NY Times best seller list. If its in Black & White it must be more important. Avengers in 3-D. GI Joe 2 trailer. Dunk Zartan in […]

New Episode: Hate Mail from Gay Island

.Basement: (NSFW!) The poor can’t pull off a scheme. Why are there so many songs about assholes? YOU are committing war crimes! Dust for scrotum prints. Teabagging is like dying. Broken News: (NSFW!) Siri vs Majel. Thor 2. Louis CK is a genius! COD:MW3 is a thing! Review: MI:4 & Sherlock 2. They Good! Dr […]

New Episode has a mouthfull of plaid!

Basement: (NSFW!) Cherry Bang! he is Wampeer! Kate Mulbru. Deltoro is OUT. Dr Peter Weller. Daredevil 2? Wanna direct Thor 2? American Horror Story. The House makes me want to… SPOILERS: Dark Knight Rises & American Horror Story. And why Terra Nova was and is doomed. Walking Dead. GSPC is better than Talking Dead. The […]

New Episode:Wood floats.Not Natalie.

.Basement: (NSFW!) Lets feminize Hitler! General Wile E Coyote. Vamps at sea! They call me Bum Stroker. My heart pills are wet. Del Toro sez: yer a coward! Broken News:(NSFW!) Alice Eve is in Trek 2! Bryan Singer brings you the Munsters! You’ve seen The Lizard. You WONT see the DKRises prologue. All You Need […]