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New Episode is 98% gluten!

Basement PT 1: (NSFW!) Knows the difference between a gas and a solid. Community. Parks and Recreation. NEW Arrested Development on Netflix. TV Darwinism. SP 2016. Broken girls love Dexter! Whitney would be better if she were topless. Do TV pilots hold up? Bevis & Butthead love. Broken News: (NSFW!) Joined by Lola! Weekend B.O. […]

New Episode is banal minus the b!

Basement: (NSFW!) The Twilight review. The broken acting clock is right twice a day. Sadusky loved it. I can haz uteris? Intervention time. Good things from Twi? Stephen King books vs movies. Go down on google images. and THATS how you have a baby! (very nsfw gentlemens relish jokes here) Marvel TV will give you […]

New Episode is a Scott P. Burp!

Basement: (NSFW!) Dont touch my sh*t! kill for memorabillia. Jon Carter of Mars needs $. Incredibles 2? You wont stop Transformers 4 & 5. JP4. Sin City2. Paranormal Activity 4. ID4:2. Starship Troopers sequels. Harold and Kumars Xmas review. Universal admits “we make sh*tty movies”. Movies vs TV. American Horror Story. Dark Shadows. Angry Birds […]

NEW! Episode! “Calista! Where’s my shawl!?”

Broken News: (NSFW!) Trek 2 villian rumour . Blade Runner sequel. Andy Serkis OWNS it. Popeye movie?! Marvel Digital same day. Golden Eye re-loaded. War of the Worlds. Spidey-Shattered Dimensions. LOTR: Lord of the North. Gears of War 3: Hoarde Command Pack. Moon Knight?! Recorded Live at Anime’ Banzai: (NSFW!) We meet some weirdoes at […]