Archive | October, 2011

New Episode: gOD Hates Daggits!

(NSFW!) Recorded live at Anime’ banzai. May I see your I.D. first, please? Akira live action movie. Man From UNCLE. Lego Super Heroes. Cars 2. Crazy Stupid Love. Broken News: Walking Dead vs Talking Dead. American Horror Story. Beetlejuice 2. Pride Pred & DOA. Avengers FIGHT! Prometheus IS an Alien movie. Criminal. Grand Theft Auto […]

Time for GSPC FREE Halloween Movie Nite!

.Sunday Nite! (10/30) BREWVIES SLC Ariive as early as you like but we will start the first feature CREEPSHOW promptly at 5PM! the costume contest follows and then we watch that nites episode of THE WALKING DEAD. Must be 21. no costume required. Its FREE to attend, but the beers and burgers are on you. […]

New Episode is pure taurine!

Recorded live at Anime’ Banzai: (NSFW!) “May I see your I.D.?” Movie review in 20 seconds. 3 Muskateers. Steampunk OR just a steamer. Mark Hamil is Joker, no more! Teller vs The Excorsist! Orson Scott Card needs to make major changes to Enders Game to make it a good movie. And he’s still a dick. […]

New Episode chips the porcelain!

Broken News: (NSFW!) Spock is a gay. George Lucas is the Ultimate Villain! Avengers trailer breaks itunes. Iron Man 3, Dr. Strange & Avengers 2! Michael Clarke Duncan is Darkseid? Green Lantern 2. Bryan Singer drops Excalibur into a lake to work on Battlestar Galactica. Transformers 4. Yup. Basement: (NSFW!) The Curse of Sushi Verde. […]

New Episode! #occupy springfield

Basement: (NSFW!) Six Million Dollar Man. Simpsons fight the power. Amazon & DC sitting in a tree. New 52. Where does Aquaman poop? I’m suing “Drive”. Defending Aquaman. Judge Dredd movie is in trouble. Arrested Development movie? Scott says NAY!. Subergatory. American Horror Story review: I don’t know. Sprue is a word! Maniac Cop on […]