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NEW EPISODE begs, shutup & eat yr corndog!

.Broken News: Avatar Land! THA blu rays break records. The TALKing Dead?! Thor 2. Nolan has not written down the last 3 pages of Dark Knight Rises. Reality TV. Gears of War 3. Kerry and Jeff on the New 52 Cat and Wonder Woman. Basement (NSFW!) No stranger to the Battle Fist! Archer. Its […]


BREWVIES,SLC. Sunday Nite (9/25) 5pm. The originals: SUPERMAN & SUPERMAN 2. Movies are free, food and bev are not. 21 and older. KNEEL!

New Episode woders where the shorts go?!

Basement: (NSFW!)Thank YOU Scarlett Johansen! Find me those Justin Timberlake pics! Be sure to check the midiclorine levels in your pool. The Star wars blu rays. Speilburg sez NO, I wont repeat Lucas’ mistakes. Lucas fries our computer! Extras? Can we move on? Zachary Quinto is playing a gay?! the whole world loves Cap?! Cap […]

New Episode has Brewberries!

.Broken News:(NSFW!) A GIRL! A third Riddick. A third X-Files? Walking Dead. Beetlejuice remake/boot? Josh Brolin IS Old Boy. Jay & Seth vs the Apocolypse. Chris Tucker found work. True Blood. Malkovich Zombie Romance?! Rocketeer. Kerry flips over a boycott. Shannons New DC 52 reviews. Episode(NSFW!) This Week in STFU! Hong Kong Phooey! True Blood […]

New Episode is Ham-nostic!

. .Broken News:(NSFW!) The Star Wars Blu-Ray problems are addressed. Shannon begins on the New DC 52. Apollo Kal El Ono. Superman, Shannon! Superman! Avengers spoiler! Attack the Block rules. Red State. SEE IT! Episode(NSFW!) Recorded Live at Brewvies. Bryan hates Star Wars?! A new theme. Sexual tickling. I came in with a phaser. Tales […]