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New Episode warns: hide your nipples!

Broken News:(NSFW!) Cowboys and Aliens and Smurfs…WTF?! Green Lantern fist. Walking Dead prod problems. Kevin Bacon is a very bad man. Trek 2. Cabin in the Woods. Episode recorded live at Brewvies: (NSFW!) Breast feeding baby. Baby mistake sold separately. Tea, dear? Wilfred. Louis. Rescue Me. Shannon is pro semetic & loves Joan Rivers. 1985 […]

NEW EPISODE gets an orange wedge after..

Broken News:( NSFW!) Captain America pwns Potter at the Box Office. Cap review. Jeff & Kerry flip off their East Coast peers. Comic con: DC protest fail. Marvel Live TV projects include Hulk, AKA Jessica Jones (featuring Luke Cage and Ms Marvel!), Cloak & Dagger and Mockingbird? Animated Ultmate Spidey, Whedons X-Men and Hulk and […]

New Episode has a butterface!

Recorded live at Brewvies:(NSFW!) Olde man Chekov vs Thee Shatner. Waaagh! Netflix love/hate. Harry Potter gave Jeff blue balls. Harry makes money forever! The Sorting Cap. Teen Wolf. Alpha Wolves. Teen Wolf and Pregnant. Alphas? Torchwood is teh awesome. Depp is busy. What’s a Dark Shadows? What’s a Night Stalker? Evil Dead 4? Old Boy: […]