Archive | May, 2011

New Episode farts Freedom in your earhole!

.Broken News: A true hero. Big money Hangover. Akira live action. Venture Bros. NTSF:SD:SUV. Fletch movie reboot. Marvel stuff on Netflix. Basement: Pixar Love. Woody and the gay. It gets better. Who farted? Seriously? Kids are assholes. A First Amendment Fart. The dynamic duo of farting. Instead of excuse me, shout freedom of Speech! (fart […]

New Episode is Kinda Bi!

News: Trek Online-gasm. Pirate reviews. Batman movie news. X-men movie? Maybe get your hopes up? Hobbit movie is full of English Actory types. New Green lantern trailer preps the noobs. PS3 network back this week. D&D on PS3. LA Noir may be too hot for your console! Super 8 app rules! Basement: Its nickname is […]

New Episode blames the costume!

Episode: (NSFW!) Back in the basement. Bin Laden’s porn stash. Thor questions explained! Odin’s vault: complete list. Ending explained. Your TV show was cancelled. Fables ripped off. New TV shows. Bye bye Wonder Woman TV show…idiots blame the costume. Mr. B re-enacts the Smallville season finale. Outrage! The ghost of Bo Duke! Played Dough. Superman. […]

New Episode is a lawsuit!

Broken News: (NSFW!) Thor is kinda awesome…for women who like men who like men that like women and everyone inbetween. Only SOME of Kerry’s stories from the New Pirates premiere trip to Disneyland. Episode: Recorded live at Brewvies. (NSFW!) Tired of Jeremy Renner yet? You will be. The Purple Arrow! No Homo! The Things c*ck. […]