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NEW episode before a LIVE bunch!

.New Episode: GSPC vs Mediocre Show! LIVE! News:(NSFW!) Sucker Punch sucks SO bad. Your Highness comic prequel. New Futurama! Amy Adams is Lois! He is Viggo! Rise of the Apes. New Venture Bros.  New Fringe! Mariah Hill’s catsuit! Oz. New Spidey sequel already!? Talking Funny. Nintendo 3DS! BatMite! Clone Wars. Superjail! Poetik P! Episode:(NSFW!) Recorded […]

Jeff Vice and Dream Worlds

Check out Jeff Vice’s newest story on MSN’s Parallel Worlds. He dives headfirst into movies where the characters use dreams to escape reality! Some of us can relate to that…

New Episode recorded before a Live Studio Audience!

New Episode has commitment issues before a Live Studio Audience! Broken News: (NSFW!) Shatners B-Day? Wonder Woman costume is squeaky. Good News about Robocop remake. You already knew the Spidey & Batman movie villain news. Cap Movie with Namor? Batman cartoon. Stan Lee cameos continue. Walking Dead vs Stephen King? Warhammer movie? Dr Who premiere! […]