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NEW episode tastes like Magic!

  .Recorded live at Brewvies: (NSFW!!) Razzies. Worst of the year. Teminator. Cutting pills?  Kerry supports Charlie Sheen. Scott hates Kerry for supporting Charlie Sheen. (seriously, Kerry and Scott apologize for monopolizing a good chunck of the show with this argument) LGK has watched the directors cut of 16 Candles?! Olivia Munn IS Ted McGinley.  […]

All the violence. None of the glamour.

Join us at BREWVIES SLC for Thee Big Awards Show LIVE on the big screen! FREE! Before that, see the laugh riot GLADIATOR at 3pm FREE!! Just show up. Geek Show recording 3 episodes starting at 1pm in the Wildcard Lounge. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!

New Episode has an accoustic son!

DO NOT MAKE FUN OF HIM! Broken News: (NSFW) We tell Hollywood how to market movies. Superman, Green Lantern, Thor, Cap and more. Spidey musical being fixed…again. MAJOR Spidey movie spoilers. Iron Man 3 great news. Wonder Woman TV spoilers. Firefly is for sale. Big white couch. Thunderbolts. Bionic Commando. Marvel vs Capcom vs Galactoast. […]

I Am Not a Number, I Am a Man!

With the release of ‘I Am Number Four,’ we look at our favorite “by-the-numbers” geek movies By Jeff Michael Vice Special to MSN Movies Ready or not, here they come. The official Summer of Superhero Movies begins this year with the release of “Thor” (May 6), and continues with “X-Men: First Class” (June 3), “Green […]