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New Episode is mainlining Cherry Tussin!

Recorded live at NoBrow Coffee. (NSFW!) Alien prequel is dead. Battle: Los Angeles. Sucker Punch. How to make your home theater completely realistic. The Green Hornet did not suck. Christoph Waltz in NO Nic Cage! New batman movie.  Thor, Cap and Spidey movies. You cant do that! Punch Todd Macfarlane in his money hole!  I […]

FYI: GSPC on location.

Geek Show records live at NoBrow Coffee, 315 East Broadway  on Saturday (1/15).  We roll at One and finish when were done.  Experience the magic in person.  careful, you may get some on you.

New Episode cancelled while in progress!

News: Star Wars on bluray, finally. Dead Space 2. Season of the Witch. F you Alan Moore. Mr. Frodo in The Hobbit?! Jessica Jones powns Wonder Woman on TV.  Stan Lee cameo in Spidey 4.  Xmen: Legacy trailer? Episode: recorded live at Brewvies.  “One buttcheek…” says Romulus. Colorblind racists hate Thor.  End of the world?  […]

A message to Jason Aaron.

We geeks have a tendancy to bitch, and only bitch.  i hate that about us.  its easy to take apart a project from the bravery of the basement.  the fact that the “sniper” has not created anything themselves, developing an idea…spending time improving it and putting it up for praise and/or scrutiny doesnt even enter […]