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New Episode started drinking at the intervention.

The notes for this episode were A: written in drunk hand and B: partially eaten by my dog Ripley. They are at best…partial.  Please to enjoy. (NSFW!) Basement: Stop Jessica Alba. Now! Texas hates Machete. Kerry hates Texas. All Star Superman:The Movie! Please Shannon, don’t watch Smallville. Erica Durance is teh awesome.  Deaf kid at […]

Its a Boxing Day MIRACLE! (12/26)

Brewvies, SLC. Its Boxing day so…..ROCKY 3 and TEEN WOLF 2…of course! Duh!  Must be 21. Just show up and sit down. Get a beer or somthin.  Geek Show will be recording 2 episodes starting at 2pm….so…y’know.

New ep wants you kids off its Tron!

  (NSFW!) News: Xmas day TV.  X-Men movie spoilers.  Casting news: Abe Lincoln, Barbarella.  Tron rules and Tron Guy reviews Tron.  Lou FerrigNOO!   Not Hugo Strange.  No Supes in Green Lantern.  Marvel Movie tidbits.  Being Human.  Sam Worthington confesses his sins.   (NSFW!) Basement:  A 3 snot show.  Enjoy your LAST christmas…thee war is over.  […]