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New Episode is ADORABLE!

  New Episode is Adorable! NEWS: RIP Irvin Kershner. RIP Leslie Neilsen…a tribute from Wil Weaton. Your novelty glass is killing you! TV this week:Pixar Story. Game of Thrones Walking dead. Basement: That’s Adawable! Panelists touch their sensitive side.Krillin Loves GSPC! Toy Story 3 for Best Motion Picture! Avatar…meh. Myst: the Movie. Red Dead Redemption […]


Sunday Nite (11/28) BREWVIES SLC. The Last Starfighter, TRON (og) and the AMC TV Series The Walking Dead (ep 5) on The Big Screen!  5pm. FREE ADMISSION. Beers and burgers aint free. Tip your severs well. Just show up and walk in. Tell’m Geek Show sez HEY! .

New Episode tells the DR (who) go to hell!

.   (NSFW!!) Basement: Stargate and the Fatman. Welcome to Duckburg. Casting the new Superman. Earth One. DC Digital. Go ahead, name drop Jim Lee! Scott Pilgrim Digital. This is DC. Green lanter trailer gets 70% love. Geek movie releases for 2011….bad news, actually. Knights of Tomorrow: Kudos to Jake Black. Disney does NOT want […]

New Episode is Covered with Cocaine

News: Green Lantern footage rules. Spidey musical drools. Green Hornet may not suk. Batman’s women. Tron toon?! Thundercats reboot. Teh Wolverine is meaty. Colin Farrell gets his ass to mars. Akira is NOT Zack Efron. Who asked for a Youngblood movie? Walking Dead. Venture Bros. Futurama Xmas Special. Don’t you DARE see Skyline, if you […]