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FREE GSPC Movie & TV nite.

. HALLOWEEN: Sunday Nite. starting at 5PM SHARP!!!  28 Days Later. Then our Costume Contest, followed by The Walking Dead AMC TV Series….ON THE BIG SCREEN!   Brewvies Cinima Pub in SLC. 21 and older only.  Feast with us.

New Episode is Shannon's Favourite.

.(NSFW!) News:  Paranormal Activity 2 stinks. So does Hereafter. Cast of The Hobbit announced. BSG prequel that is not Caprica will be on TV. Spielberg directs a movie from a book that aint out yet. Robopocalypse! Christopher Lloyd on Fringe?! Robert Englund on Supernatural?! Death Valley. Dark Moon. V get trimmed again. Iron Man 3 […]

NEW EPISODE is hiding it's Han, Solo.

.Wanna win tickets to TRON NIGHT? Listen to find out how. Details at the end of the News. News: Ghostbusters 3..what we know for sure. Good nite, Manimal! Hobbit is go? Not so fast, V! Ron Moore’s Wild Wild West. Really? Nathan Fillion needs your tweets. Haven will be back. Hulk TV? Cloak and Dagger […]


Thats all I’m saying. Make your own damn joke.

NEW EPISODE is rolling in Barnson Bucks!

. Recorded live at the Anime’ Banzai Convention. Comic Book Prices will go down in 2011. WTF batman?! Halo movie based on the novel? Halo fan fic. Walking Dead is the Gone With the Wind of zombiedom. Sailor Moon meets Sailor Uranus. High School of the Dead. There will be no Live Action Justice League […]