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New Episode DJayed by MC Eeyore!

HEY! IF THERE WAS A TECH PROBLEM ON YOUR DOWNLOAD OF THIS EP, DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN! ITS BEEN FIXED!! .Recorded before a live audience at Brewvies. (NSFW!)  Goodbye SFW GSPC. It’s NEVER too soon. Scott’s zombie dream. Walking Dead TV. AMC hates ‘regular’ media. Star-zan! Me & Lee. You too can make ‘Scott Pilgrim’ money. […]


.5pm! Brewvies SLC! Back to the Future AND Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure! (A coin toss decides which movie goes first) Just show up. Movies are FREE, beer, bevs and burgers are not. Get there around noon-ish and you’ll see the Geek Show panel record 3 episodes back to back in the lounge.  We promise […]

Sad News Regarding the Clean Show… Well, Sad for Some.

Hello, my lovely Geek Show Podcast peoples. It is I, Leigh George Kade, gracing you once again from my lofty mountaintop home in South-Central Kadestan. I    come bearing news; Bad for some, indifferent for most. For the past four months I have had the pleasure of editing together a “clean” edit of the GSPC. This […]

New episode needs to take a big Dooku.

                                                                                                                                                                       .   New Episode needs to take a Dooku! News: Several things Bryan Singer wants you to know about XMen: First Class. Thor movie insight. Cap: Frostbite. Aqualad?! Not so fast new terminator Basement: You cant say blowjob?! I dont get it! ipup. My future is in LGK’s movie! And pants…again! Haters continued. We spoil LOST…again! […]