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New episode is in on the CON.

. NSFW! News: Jimmy and Kerry bring you some select Comic-Con news. Marvel movies OWNED he Con. Thor, Captain America and the Avengers.Joss Wheadon gets it!  Ghost Rider 2 rumor control. A Haunted Mansion movie by Guillermo del Toro?! Family Guy. Tron:Legacy. More. Basement: Dan-droid the Laptop Android. Cousin Oliver ruined the name Oliver. Just […]

New Episode will DO IT LIVE!!

. If you’re a gamer, this one is for you. The entire panel, on a stage, live at the Geex electronics and gaming expo.  Lotsa gaming news and only 14 walkouts. I’d love to give you an idea of what happens in this episode, but I didn’t take any notes…and I drank away all the […]


Join the panel as we record a very special GAMER edition of the Geek Show. Main Stage, 12 noon at the GeexExpo, friday 7/16/10. has all the info. All the panelists and Game producers and experts will be on hand. Our merch will be on sale as well (t-shirts).  FACE FRONT! The cake is […]

New Episode is gluten free

. (NSFW) Basement: Make us a theme song.  We ALL have a TV show.  Meanwhile, at the World Cup final….nothing is happening.  How many years does it last?  Wheatus! GSPC declares forums are anti-social media.  Blizzard agrees. WOW. No longer anonymous. After all I have done for your peashooter. Uaregay. Ed Norton NOT in The […]