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GSPC is NOT on vacation. NEW, NOW, FREE!!

. News: Peter Jackson WILL direct them Hobbits. A Martian Chronicles action film? Couldn’t hurt. Marvel Television.  They know who Jeph Loeb is, right? More X-Men: First Class casting.  Hey DC! Welcome to the digital party. ST: First Contact free? Inception will be smarter than you. Dr. Strange Movie? Syfy will let you choose the […]

FREE MOVIES Sunday Nite! Take Pride.

. Join us for a Pride Month theme. CHASING AMY & KISS KISS BANG BANG. 5pm Sunday nite (6/27) 5pm. Brewvies in SLC. Just show up and walk in. Movies are FREE, food aint.  Get a Uintah Beer and a burger first.  Or during the Double Feature break…or whatever. What am I? Your mom?

New Episode will talk your daughter to death!

. News: Jimmy covers E3. Scott pilgrim game. Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions. Batman: B&B. Marvel vs Capcom. Home Front. (are you lissnin’ North Korea?!) Kinect. Dead Rising 2. 3DS. More News: Marvel short films? Buy X-Men First Class set visit. More Rise of the Apes casting. Plan 9 in color in theatres in 3D?! Eastbound and […]