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2nd Anniversary show? A Wizard did it!

.Recorded live at Brewvies.   It started with a plane crash. Our last LOST discussion: A wizard did it! Shannon’s Intestinal troubles? Same wizard!  Scott Pierce will greet you at the door.  Oil Spill. A wizard will save us! This show is the most important thing on the internet. Where is Aqua Man?! X-Men: First […]

GSPC Live AND Free Movies!

GSPC Live and living at Brewvies Sunday. (5/30/10) We begin recording our award winning podcasts at 1pm. 3 big episodes! Witness Thee “magic” At 5pm, decide OF THESE 2 BATMAN MOVIES which is the worst? 1966 or 1989? Adam West leads w/ Princes’ BATDANCE following.    FREE! Just show up.

New Episode will leave you LOST!

. New episode will leave you LOST. News:  LOST finale: It was ‘good enough’. Jacks clothes were blown off in the crash. WAAALT!! I want to believe the smoke monster escaped.  Season 6 DVD news.  True Blood Nudity Alert!! Jemain is the badguy.  Star Tours departure dates. Predator Blu-ray is bigger! TV this week! Dr […]

It was 30 years ago today…..

.The Empire Strikes Back was not scheduled to open in Utah County on May 21,1980. It would not come to Happy Valley until a week later. I had already waited too long, and could not would not wait another 7 long days.  I begged my Mother to drop her young son off, with no adult […]

New episode will taunt your swan!

. Xmission honcho Pete Ashdown and Dan the Laptop Man enter the basement. Iron Man love. He’s yer Bauer. Cody’s email. Marvel MMO. Patton Oswalt. Firefly comics. Modern Warfare 2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I AM Brock Leroy! the cake is a lie. Shoot a Scar 16! Mega man..the Movie. Defend 2001! They cancelled […]