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Like a drug, the first one is always Free…

Nationwide, the first Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  Just like it says, the industry creates special comic books just for this promotion and passes them out at Comic Book Stores across the nation.  Here in SLC, might I suggest the customer friendly DR VOLTZ COMIC CONNECTION at 2043 East 3300 South. You […]

NEW Episode will give you Sparticancer.

.(NSFW!) Pass the busts and weep.  Memories of Meeshak and Jm Jay? Really? Fists Of Justice! A new Popeye Movie?  All you have to say is…Hobo With A Shotgun. You had me at Hobo. Iron Man is The Great and Powerful OZ. Josh and Edgar meet. Jason is dead…really. Save Booker! Midget Porn. True Blood […]


. GSPC Movie nite!! Because its the month of APEril we, along with Uintah Brewing, bring you the original PLANET OF THE APES and EVERYWHICH WAY BUT LOOSE.  Both feature funny monkeys flipping the bird…I think. 5PM, Brewvies Cinema Pub in SLC. SUNDAY NITE APEril 25th! Just show up! Uintah Beer specials all nite. BUY […]

New episode stays crispy, even in milk!

. (NSFW!! And also available in SFW flavor) Latest News: Kerry and Marcus review KICK-ASS.  Morally reprehensible?!  Last time I checked it was just a show.  LOTS of NEW STAR WARS on TV news!  Seth Rogan is what now? Iron Man 2 spoilers!  Cap casting and Joss Weadon’s  the fixer? Game releases for this week.  […]

NEW EPISODE will give you a stroke!

. (NSFW!! And now also available in SFW.) Latest News: Harrison Ford is the Olde Prospector.  Green Lanterns skin tight electric suit.  He Man movie is back! Spidey casting? Yes…er, NO.  Fright Nite remake, keptin. POA prequel. Gay Tony! Tom Clancy! Brundlefly. Blackest Night #8 suks. Where do I start with comics? Marvel Rules. DC […]