Archive | March, 2010

New Episode is NEW-ish.

, Have you ever wanted to sit in on the GSPC panel? Your own mic. Your own chair. Your own thoughts and feelings…hurt. Listen at the end of the ‘latest news’ segment for your chance! This episode was a Radio Edition recorded on 3/18. Many of you have asked for it, so here ye go. […]

Your Shatmas Day gift is a new episode.

. (NSFW!!!) Your gift on this Shatmas Day is a New episode!  Latest News: Whats on TV? Conan correction. Three Inches. Squishy Tank! Star Tours refit. Ultimate Disney pass. Dr Horrible movie. New Batman, Green Arrow AND Flash movies! EP: WWE figures. Doc Savage. Conans Dad is NOT! Wanted 2 is not wanted. Speedy Gonzales; […]

New Epsode: Family Fights! Mark Millar wins!

. (NSFW!!)  It gets real ugly in the basement.  Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Scott and Aunt Derek fight! New heavy Metal Movie. Hugo Weaving is probably yer Red Skull. Green Lantern hires Jango Fett.  Classic Planet of the Apes sequel?! Whats on TV? Pork based advancements. “The Demon in Footie Jammies” directed by Roman Polanski. Iron […]