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Dont miss FREE ENTERPRISE at GSPC movie nite.

I’m getting alot of comments about This Sundays movie nite. “Galaxy Quest! Awesome! I’ll get there after Free Enterprise cause I dont know what that is.”. Well, gimme a second to tell you why you should get there in time to see Free Enterprise. If you grew up a Geek, you’ll relate. It’s like ‘Swingers’ […]

New Episode will make you fall OUT of love!

. .  (NSFW!!)Your OG Xbox is no longer live.  Rebuy all the old comics your grandma made your DAD throw away.  Boner Fight! Boner is missing?! Sh*t thee Shatner says. Boba is back. “who’s looking out for the parents?”.  The New Forum explained in a ‘tough love’ kind of way. Worlds biggest Mexican.  Lost! (Shannon tells […]


You all everybody! So, heres the deal. There are now 2 sections of the forum. One called GSPC Illuminati.  This forum section is for EVERYONE to read and enjoy.  Only PANELISTS and invited guests are allowed to post in here.  At the time of this notice only the panelists have access. In the future, others […]

LGK Reviews Bioshock 2 Soundtrack!

The new Bioshock game is getting rave reviews all accross the blogosphere. But what does a fan of the franchise do when they get sick from playing First Person Shooters? Find out in the NEW Illiminati section of the forums! Don’t know what the Illuminati is? Come on in and check it out!