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. LOST BOYS and FRIGHT NIGHT. A Draclea parade. FREE, Brewvies Cinema Pub in SLC. 5pm on 1/31/10. Just show up and buy some 4+ Brewing beers..on tap! Treat every movie nite as it might be the last. Cherish it and let Brewvies know you need it.

New Episode! Will you survive the crabwalking She-Hulk?

. (NSFW!) New episode will stab you in the back with cute! Caprica. Spider-man 4 is NOT Robert Pattinson! Cowboys and Aliens. The Thing prequel. Platform God boots. Matt Damon is a box. Venom. Captain America movie casting speculation. Girl Comics? What’s wrong with being sexy? Crab walking She-Hulk. Video Games. Wii Weee! Sexism. Nazis […]

The Spider-Man reboot.

If Sony is going to press the re-set button on the Spider-Man movies lets go big.  Rather than Spider-High, as they have planned, lets go further.  Spider-Kids would sell SO many more action figures. I mean..thats what its all about, right Sony? .

New episode will leave the bitch daffy as hell.

(NSFW!!) New episode features Release dates for Trek 2, Avengers and Pirates 4. Speculation re: Wolverine 2, Spidey 4 and Ghost Rider 2. Malchovich IS the Vulture. The Ateam trailer rules! Blake Lively is Green Lantern special gal. Shatner on RAW.  Boom boom. Okay, Veruca. Marvin the Martian movie? Y’all got fake poo? Who is […]

Lets just put this to rest now.

ANYBODY who thinks that Chris Pine is NOT Captain Kirk look upon this and weep. Clearly he has the motivation to spread his seed thru the galaxy as Shatner did before him. So suck it, haters. .