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New Episode is old enough to drive.

. New Episode: A coffee mug named WISDOM. Video Games. Nazis vs Dinos. Gestapo Park? Venture Bros! Superman vs Thundercats?! Star Trek online will ruin you.  Nazi Gorn? Jack-Ass 3D!  Man Ventures. The things we are doing might possibly be illegal. Lois Lane vs My Advances. Kligon Child Abuse Outrage! Most scientists are assholes. Putting […]


. Now that your free of the damn fam, join your friends at Geek Show Movie Nite. FREE! It’s our War On ChristMAS nite. (SUNDAY 11/29) Two Xmas classics start at 5pm at BREWVIES in SLC.  Gremlins and Die Hard. Just show up. Thanks to 4+ brewing for helpng to pay for the party. Here […]

NEW EPISODE is like punching whipped cream!

. Lotsa TV coverage and Twlight New Moon crap. (NSFW!) Smallville. Lost. I hate Heroe!  Sweet, sweet rape. Hey, Grandma! Fix the TV! Ratings. Joss Wheadon has gone a drinkin’. Dr. Who. Thor and the multi-culture bridge.  Eddie Murphy IS the cast of Thor! The Mayans are still here.  2012 is HILARIOUS!  Spider-Man 4.  You […]

FREE MOVIES! "War on Christmas!"

SUNDAY NITE 11/29. 5pm. FOUR + BREWING helps US bring you two xmas classics.  DIE HARD and GREMLINS.  Set your calender now and join us for an evening sure to elevate your spirit.  FREE!!! BREWVIES CINEMA PUB. Just show up. ho ho ho.