Archive | October, 2009

New Geek Show podcast, now with Zombie Sex!

(SUPER NSFW! You have been warned!) Join us in front of a live studio audience, from Brewvies, for Geek Show movie nite. Instant Halloween costumes. I’m a Naratu! Mecha-Hitler. District 9 is NOT Paranormal Activity. I have friends in the movies! Green Lantern. Captain America’s stupid wings. Wolverine’s stupid costume. Pride parade? The Pro, Sarah […]

SUNDAY NITE!! (10/25) Sooo MUCH!

MOVIE NITE! FREE DOUBLE FEATURE! 5PM, BREWVIES! RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD AND SHAUN OF THE DEAD! Join us at 3:30 as the panel records an all new episode on location at Brewvies right before the movies. GSPC T-shirts 10 dollars while they last! Test Drive your Halloween costumes you might win a prize.  Four […]


(NSFW!) You wont see this one on Comcast. There aren’t enough bleeps to make it safe for TV. Or Safe For Work. We’ve added an extra half hour this one time. The whole panel is there including our returning champion, Marcus.  You wont believe you ears. Critics are saying this may be the best GSPC […]