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Panic at the Geek Show. NEW EPISODE!

First we calm the fanboys down about this ‘Disney buying/ruining Marvel’ bizness. The Blob. Terminator and Trek DVD news.Machete. Thanksgiving. Kick Ass. EXCALIBUR! David Cross.  Michael Myers themed haunted house.  GSPC plays Disc Golf for cahrity and so can you. Then: GEEK FIGHT!! Defending Comic-Con. And all out brawl pitting Kerry and Zack against…EVERYBODY.  The […]


SUNDAY (Aug 23) is GSPC movie nite. 5pm at Brewvies SLC. THEY LIVE and SCANNERS. It’ll be an eye opening/mind blowing good time.  Just show up.

New Episode is X-tra Hammy.

Latest News: Inglorious Basterds Review/love. Kids in the Hall NEW series. John Carter of  Mars cast. Warehouse 13. Metallo. Which super heroes will be in The Avengers movie?! We tell you. Marvel Digital Love. Jay Leno. Louis CK. Zack Galafanakis. Mork: The Movie. Chew. Black Market Chicken. Shannon oozes all over the Green Lantern animated […]


Nice that it did not land on “pick everything apart” for a change.  Wear your sunscreen you pale little Draculas. Dont forget Geek Show Movie Night returns Sunday August 30th. FREE double feature. THEY LIVE & SCANNERS.  5pm, Brewvies in SLC.  See you there.

Geek Show the Board Game the Podcast the Movie!

. This Episode: Latest News: Patton Oswalt. Spiderman 4, 5 and 6. Tony Stark IS Lestat! Edward IS Youngblood! Underworld 4 in 3-D! Predators! Poltergiest! Chevy Chase is old. King Soloman divides Kal-El in to single serving parts. Wolverine 2! Sub-Mariner. Bryan Singers BSG movie?! Spidey the Musical DEAD! Walking Dead on TV! Blar Witch […]