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New episode NOW. Please to reconsider….

The geek Show is NOT on vacation.  Right from the basement is an episode that is being called “Whiskey Dick”.  A wonderful orgy. DelToro is the Hobbitt. the Damn internets. Catch Spawn if you can.  Joining the panel is game designer Aaron Conners.  Please to reconsider….Hulk. Download it now, its FREE. Click on the black […]


.In the olde days, cars did not turn into farting/fighting robots.  They RAN YOU OVER FOR SPORT, and fun. Sunday Nite (6/28), 5pm at Brewvies in SLC, Geek Show FREE MOVIE NITE DOUBLE FEATURE. The original Death Race 2000 (David Carrididine’s original foray into S&M) and MAD MAX (before Mel owned Malibu) All ya gotta […]

New Episode is like a dirty all day sucker

. Lotsa stuff covered in this episode. John Carter of Mars.  Trek sequel. Paul..the movie. Scott Pilgrim.  Tom Cruise. Conan’s yeast infection Old people ruin everything. Predators. Laying pipe w/Betty White and the introduction of the must need product…the AEA System. It’s FREE. Many ways to listen. Download it to your mp3 device.  Subscribe to […]

New Episode! (kinda)

Before I say anything, this just in to the news room….. I guess it was only a matter of time. Steve Rogers is back from the dead! NOW!  New(ish) podcast is NOW.  This is a recording of our Star Studded LIVE RADIO show (6/12) on X96. Many of you missed it,  so here ya […]