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The first Saturday of every May is Free Comic Book day across the nation.  Go to any comic book store and you’ll get at least one, often times more, free comicbooks.  I suggest Dr Voltz on 33rd South 2043 East, that where I have my hold.  They are also sponsors of geekshow  These special […]

NEW EPISODE IS NOW. Hey,kids,comics?

. BRAND NEW EPISODE. We address a growing threat to children.  Something bigger and more sinister than drinking beer or copping a feel on the first date.  The real threat to kids is …their parents.  Naughty comics?  Govt. comics?  Also, these Twiglight fans have lost their minds. Its the new gangland warfare.  On a lighter note, Best […]

Crom DEMANDS you attend! FREE MOVIES!

,. FREE Double Feature!  Conan The Barbarian and Terminator (both the first ones not the sequels).  Brewvies in SLC, 5pm, this Sunday the 29th. Just show up.  The last Sunday of every month is Movie Nite.  Grab a frosty beverage and join us for an evening of geeky movies you’ve seen dozens of times…and […]

New Episode. Inyuk Chuk!

This new episode, like Apache Chief, starts out small and quiet but then grows to stupid proportions.  It features an open letter to Ron Moore, Larry David IS the Vulture, Me am Bizarro, spaceships and Shannon desperately wanting to ‘talk about me’. DOWNLOAD IT NOW, its free. ONLY ON LINE, NOT ON THE RADIO. Click […]

These kids today dont know how good they have it!!

When I was a kid I wanted to be the Six Million Dollar Man.  I drew wires and circuits on my arm with a ball point pen.  First the kids are spoiled with the Hulk Hands…and now THIS!!!   Coming next post: My  30 mile journey to school in 5 feet of snow…barefoot.  now get your […]