Archive | October, 2008

New Episode: Pretty scary, eh boys and girls?

By popular demand, the panel discuss some great classic scary movies.  Perfect suggestions for your Halloween viewing.  Becasue this was the second episode we recorded that nite…there will be…slurring.  Usually the effects of the alcohol  really kick in by the second half.  Honestly I don’t remember. THANK YOU WHISKEY!!  Bock Bock!!

Free Movie Nite, Sunday 5pm Double Feature.

FREE FREE FREE. See them on the BIG SCREEN!  You have, havent you? Plan now.  A HalloWeek warm up.  Brewvies Cinema Pub, SLC, Utah.  5pm.  Costumes encouraged.  I know MOST of the podcast panel will be in costume.  Audiance participation required. Start writing your MST3K style riffs now!  There will be a drinking game.  You must […]

The Hammer Is His Penis…

According to IESB, James Bond actor Daniel Craig has turned down the role of Thor in the upcoming Marvel Studios motion picture. While I think Craig could indeed pull off the role of the Asgardian Avenger, I am pretty relieved that he passed, since that gives Paul Levesque a chance to prove that he’s was […]

Fambly Home Everning

Yeah, I know how to rock the Monday night scene, babies. Family. Home. Evening. A Utah tradition that sprung up about the same time the Doctrines and Covenants forbade the act of Solo Carnal Distractions. Without so much time OFF of their hands, the average Utahn realized that they needed to spend time with the […]