New Episode: Leroy Calrissian

(NSFW!) All Star Wars names are stupid, get over it. The Sony hack. Stay till the end! Jimmy interviews Martin Freeman, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace & Orlando Bloom on location in London! Ascension. SHEILD. Gotham. Goodbye, Constantine, probably. Flash is the anti-Nolan. Krypton. Titans. Reviews: Top Five & Exodus. Marvel Unlimited. Ghostbusters. Lots more. Listen […]

New Episode: Rappist

(NSFW!) Ornch. Vegans are magic. My brother Russell, who I slept with, allegedly. Stay till end, Jimmy interviews Andy Sirkis, Richard Armitage & Luke Evans in London! Terminator trailer. WW writer. Dr Strange & Deadpool & Jessica Jones & Antman’s estranged wife casting. Preacher pilot. Cobalt. Orchi out. We think Apes should win all the […]

New Episode… is Spartacus!

(NSFW!) Live from The Hobbit premiere Jimmy Martin! Star Wars showed us sumthin! R2FiFa? Casting news. DCTV bad/good news. Age of Ultron adds more Loki? Review: Horrible Bosses 2. Underoos. Legion of Doom. Lego Justice League. Scream the TV series. Universal Monsters not scary. Best Apes movie? Sipmsons love. Lots more! Download it NOW! Its […]

New Episode: …allegedly.

(NSFW!) Dr. Leezus. Book of Mormon. Jurrasic World. Fatt Pratt. Cowboy Ninja Viking. Almost StarLord. The Stand, yes. 4 Parts, no. Pooh’s dubious sexuality. Interstellar sound and comic. Batman. Marvel Netflix. Draxaphone?! Jimmy reviews: Hunger Games. Horrible Bosses 2. Theory of Everything. Penguins of Madagascar. Jimmy interviews Jason Sedakis, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day & Jennifer […]

New Episode: Dai San Sho!

(NSFW!) Warning: Lotta yelling in this ep. RIP Glen A. Larson. Civil War adds cast. Dr Doom is a blogger. Evil Dead TV series! PSVue. Hobbits. Pity the WW director, seriously. Marvel suing the internet. Zombeavers. Reviews: Dumb and Dumber to, Rosewater. Jimmy interviews Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. Tremors 5? Walking Dead. Play LucasArts […]