Polish up Lois

(NSFW!) Iron Fist, Batman director named, Han Soo casting, Samurai Jack, GotG keeps it 100, Halloween meets Kenny Powers, Cap v KKK, RIP Richard hatch, Jimmy reviews 50 Shades Darker & John Wick 2, Modobag, Rick & Morty, Westworld, Best memories, best movie ending Everythings coming up Bakula! Lots more. (alternate) Geekshow Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_GYM7cuGBI Listen […]

Inception Noise

(NSFW!) DC movies good and bad news, lots of TV news, Jimmy reviews The Space Between Us & Lego Batman, play place, Susan! Ball pit, Star Wars, Rebels, Legends of Tomorrow is messing with my head! Shelly Long is a flavor, gulag lunch lady, lots more Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is […]

Red Scare

(NSFW!) He’s trying his best, Roof Puncher, LaLa Land, Academy Awards, Deadpool, RIP John Hurt, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, Doomsday clock, X-Men chat, Dog Dies: the movie, Jimmy reviews Nobody Speak, There were 3, Kill the Bad Guy, Apocalypse Now: the game He hates the ham, lots more Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your […]

what kales you

(NSFW!) RIP Miguel Ferrer, Rogue One $, Logan comics, Shazam/Black Adam movies, TV news, Miles Morales is yer animated movie Spidey, Jimmy reviews Split & XxX, Straight outta cardboard, dat one, uncle Frank, your questions, lots more Listen NOW! Its FREE! (NSFW!) Your best option is that download button up there ^. Seriously. It has […]

Struggle Meal

(NSFW!) Lucasfilm responds, Marvel TV & movie news, DC TV & movie news, Bats/Flash v Watchmen, Amazon likes anime, Jimmy reviews Underworld: Blood Wars, George Lucas quits film school, Kevin the no mag, Thor3, GotG vol 2, We had to walk miles in the snow uphill without shoes to get to geek, lots more Listen […]